SB 30 Episode 66: Writing historical fiction, with Memphis author Susan Cushman

Her new novel John and Mary Margaret captures important chapters in Mid-South civil rights history

“My characters meet at Ole Miss, when there were very few Black students on the campus, in 1966. In February of 1970, on campus, a group called Up With People gave a concert. And there was this huge protest where 60 Black kids were arrested. Eight of the those students came to be known as the Ole Miss Eight. (The character) John is a composite of two of the men who were part of the Ole Miss Eight.”

That’s author Susan Cushman, talking about writing her book John and Mary Margaret, and how she weaved her fictional characters into the very real and historical civil rights events in Mississippi and Memphis during a fifty-year span. Join host Mark Fleischer as he talks to Ms. Cushman about her new novel and the practice and teaching of writing.

For Novel at Home, Susan will be in conversation with Jeffrey Blount for a live online book launch for John and Mary Margaret on Friday, June 4 at 6:00pm

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