SB 30 Episode 57: Home Tour ‘Detour’ with Central Garden’s Nancy Knight

“The Central Gardens Home & Garden Tour is an anticipated event every fall, we’ve been doing it annually for (40+) years, and it’s something that people in Memphis and the greater Mid-South really look forward to. We were on target to have an amazing tour, and then (after the pandemic shutdown in March) the committee got together and said Hey guys, we’re going to have to make a decision. Some of our homeowners were a little reluctant to make that commitment because we didn’t really know what was happening. The committee got together and got really creative – we took the research we had compiled over the past 20 years and we created an interactive map, we populated the map with all of this history (in a) self-guided tour – and we decided to do a Home Tour ‘Detour.’

That’s Central Garden’s Project Manager Nancy Knight, talking to host Mark Fleischer about how the 2020 version of the Home Tour became the Home Tour ‘Detour.’ As project manager, Nancy helps coordinate many of the neighborhood’s board activities and events, and during this informative discussion the two also talk about a neighborhood project called Light up the Alley, and about the neighborhood’s upcoming efforts to update its listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

Feature photo: A peek at one of the Detour’s selfie-homes, a hidden gem on York Avenue (photo courtesy Central Gardens)

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