SB 30 Episode 53: An On-Coming Tidal Wave and Tools to Stop It

“Today we are going to be talking about housing, and what is really a set of crises as a result of the pandemic and economic shutdowns. As many of us in Memphis and around the country are in isolation, workers are working from home, parents are teaching from home. But there’s another part of our community, the traditionally disinvested part of our community, the thousands who are dealing with ongoing issues of neighborhood blight and poor living conditions, and an oncoming crisis in a way of of mass evictions.”

That’s host Mark Fleischer, in his introduction to this special episode of StoryBoard 30, discussing the oncoming tidal wave of evictions that may sweep the country and many neighborhoods in Memphis. Mark is joined on this episode by co-host Emily Trenholm of High Ground News, and they welcome NPI program manager Imani Jasper and neighborhood and housing consultant Austin Harrison.

Recorded with the support of WYPL and the Memphis Public Libraries

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