Calling on Storytellers! A few spots are still open. Get Behind the Arts and Become a Paid StoryBoard Storyteller.

Send your submission by September 30 for a spot in StoryBoard’s Behind the Arts Storytellers Workshop

Interested in following a Playhouse rehearsal? The Metal Museum’s expansions into the community and Overton Park? The unrivaled opportunities the Stax Music Academy provides for local youths? The progress of a local organization revitalizing a disinvested neighborhood?

StoryBoard is dedicated to exploring the possibilities, in local arts, culture, history and communities. And if you are passionate about sharing these intimate, behind-the-scenes stories with Memphis and the world, we are inviting you to apply for a spot in StoryBoard’s ‘Page One Workshops: Behind the Arts’ workshop. The workshop is set to begin in early October and run through to January of 2022. It is a multimedia journalism program that puts 8 to 10 learners directly in front of art organizations, artists or other organizations to capture intimate ‘behind-the-scenes’ looks into the creative process. 

And StoryBoard is now accepting your submissions.

Learners will have the opportunity to truly get behind the arts, and behind the scenes. With this program, learners will have the chance to observe, engage with and interview professional creators in a host of locales and with a variety of collaborating arts organizations. Learners will in turn be guided through the process of crafting a multimedia story for the online StoryBoard and its relaunched in-print publication, and for Instagram TV, and be paid for their completed work.*

The Behind the Arts Storytellers Workshop is made possible by:

*Each artist will receive a minimum $500 freelance payment for their completed multimedia project.

“The journalist today needs to have more than reporting and editing skills,” says Ron Wiginton, of Elmhurst University. “From blogs to video production, the media landscape demands that journalists be prepared to present stories in print and cyberspace.”

To provide these opportunities for learners, StoryBoard has pre-arranged engagement opportunities with local arts, nonprofit and community organizations, and learners will be able to select or be assigned to these projects with the organizations, attend the organization’s planning or strategic meetings, interview or engage with artists, or sit in on select rehearsals.

For the workshops, mentoring, coaching and training will be provided by two or more instructors, who will lead learners through the multimedia storytelling process in a multi-session workshop with an emphasis on writing, with compliments from theirs or other visual contributions in drawings and sketches, photography and short videos.

Prospective storytellers, please complete the form below to register a submission for prospective enrollment in the program. We will be limited to 8 or 9 spots for the workshop. Selections will be made by the program organizers and evaluated based on your submission below, your interests in StoryBoard’s collaborations, and that are a reflection of our diverse community.

Please spend a few minutes to complete the form below for your submission. Be sure to click SUBMIT at the end of the form.

Submissions are due by end of day Thursday, September 30.

Tell us about yourself, and why you are interested in multimedia storytelling
Storytellers – for this program you may a) choose to work with StoryBoard’s current collaborations, b) may be assigned to a collaboration, or c) you may have a topic in mind that you are already interested in exploring. Which interests you most? a, b, or c? Please explain.
Please show us some of your writing work. If you don’t currently have any, please write a short story about a neighborhood you grew up in: a memorable experience; one of your neighbors; or a special characteristic of the neighborhood.
This workshop aims to help learners bring their multimedia talents into telling stories. Please describe your multimedia interests or talents (i.e. photo essays, short film or video, drawings or sketches, cartoons or graphic art or graphic comics)
If you have sample of your prior work – writing, photos, sketches, etc., on a website or Instagram, etc. – please share a link
*StoryBoard is working with local arts, museums, nonprofits, and private developers on a variety of stories, including reinvestment developments in South Memphis and Frayser
*StoryBoard has collaborative relationships with Playhouse on the Square, the Metal Museum, Arrow Creative, A. Schwab’s on Beale, Stax and the Stax Music Academy, new developments in Frayser and in South Memphis, and others. Would working on stories about any of these organizations interest you? Please describe
We have not set definite workshop dates just yet; describe your availability for a few in-person workshops in the October to January timeframe (Saturday morning/afternoons, weekday evenings, etc.)
If you are not selected for this workshop, would you be interested in other opportunities with StoryBoard? The Behind the Arts workshop is open to 8 or 9 learners. If you are not selected, would you be interested in other freelance, mentored work with StoryBoard in the future? Please describe.

Submissions due by end of day Thursday, September 30

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