Fossil Fest coming March 27th and 28th to the Pink Palace Museum of Science & History

Dinosaurs, Fossils, Beer and Food

By Bill Walsh, for the Pink Palace Family of Museums

It’s not every day you have the chance to dig for fossils millions of years old like a real paleontologist, but Fossil Fest at the Pink Palace Museum of Science & History is your opportunity. The weekend of March 27th and 28th, not only will visitors be able to try their hand at paleontology (study of life on Earth based on fossils), but enjoy a festival full of all things fossils from intriguing stations, enlightening talks, challenging games and hands-on activities. Fossil Fest will take place on the front lawn of the Pink Palace Mansion and inside the Museum as well. 

Visitors (over 21 years of age) are invited to enjoy a new Museum of Science & History (MoSH) beer made by Ghost River Brewery and see the unveiling of a new giant metal mosasaur sculpture created by the Memphis Metal Museum. 

There will be a host of exciting stations, including a Metal Museum station with pewter casting activities where kids can cast dinosaur teeth and watch master metalsmiths forge a variety of bones and claws and create archeology tools.  

Guests can dig for their own fossils and shells at the Coon Creek Science Center station and the Lichterman Nature Center station will have plant fossils and an Owl Pellet dissection activity.  

Visitors can check out Fossil Tables hosted by our collections department and discover specimens like a fossil slab from Morocco of a trilobite 400 million years old and compare the teeth of the mammoth, mastodon and saber-toothed cat. 

Guests can visit the Dino Walk and see how their footprints measure up to prehistoric giants.

“It’s a great chance to experience prehistoric times through demonstrations, videos, exhibits and talks. Plus, your ticket includes admission to all our exhibits inside the Museum,” said Bill Walsh, MoSH marketing manager. 

There will be food trucks from Mempops, Moe’s/Humdingers and Cousins Maine Lobster. 

Tickets not only include all the happenings on the Museum lawn, but admission to all Museum exhibits, including Dinosaurs in Motion. Tickets are limited. Buying tickets online in advance is recommended.  

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