Memphis Film Prize: Top Ten 2021 Finalists screened next weekend!

Next Friday and Saturday, August 6 & 7, the Top Ten 2021 Film Prize finalists’ short films will be screened at Malco’s Studio on the Square

The excitement of Film Prize short film screenings are back!

“It’s hard to describe how excited we are to bring Memphis Film Prize back, and to continue our work of giving indie filmmakers a platform to stand on,” said Gregory Kallenberg, Executive Director of the Film Prize. “We’re also thrilled to be able to offer the Film Prize experience to allow all Tennessee-based directors to participate.”

“And if you’ve never been to one of these finalists’ screenings — the atmosphere is part festival, part film school, a mini-Cannes or Sundance – the festivities are an absolute must-see and a place to be seen,” says StoryBoard Memphis’ founder Mark Fleischer. “It is simply electric.”

In 2020, Memphis Film Prize halted the competition as the pandemic spread across the country and promised that films made in 2020 would be eligible for the 2021 competition. In order to ensure all filmmakers who had planned on competing or who found other ways to create their projects last year, the eligible production window will consist of any short film production from November 1, 2019 until June 22, 2021 so long as they are otherwise eligible.

Per core rules for the competition, the short films are between 5 and 15 minutes in length and filmmakers filmed within the eligible time period and in accordance with the rules found at

Tickets here: make it count!…/memphis-film-prize-2021…

The Top Ten 2021 Memphis Film Prize Finalists are: 

Miss Responsibility, directed by Clint Till

Clair de Lune, directed by Daniel Lane Baker

Timothy, directed by Tymika Chambliss

A Moment in Time, directed by Brandon Russell

The Black Fist, directed by Blake Heimbach
Calling, directed by Willie Robbins

Damaged Goods, directed by Daniel Ferrell

Something Simple, Something True, directed by Bala Boyd

Dear Lady Joan, directed by Jared Callan

Shattered, directed by Kate Mobley

Check out the Film Prize Facebook Page for previews of each film!

You Will Rock the Vote!

The coolest part of Memphis Film Prize Festival is the unique way the audience affects the outcome. The voting system for the MFP really is the heart of what makes the Film Prize different from most festivals. It goes a little like this:A Festival Passholder MUST SEE ALL 10 SHORT FILMS before they can vote! 

The Top 10 will be available throughout the festival window (August 6 & 7th).

Once you see all the short films, your ballot will unlock and and you may cast your ballot. It’s that easy! The Celebrity Judges, a grouping of film industry professionals, will also see the films at the same time as the audience and vote for their favorites in a similar fashion. The Judges’ votes account for only 50% of the total. The audience is the other 50%. This means YOU, the audience member, have a huge say in who wins one of the coolest festivals on the planet. With great power comes great responsibility! Use your influence wisely! Every vote is a victory for the filmmaker, so don’t be surprised if you’re cajoled and swayed by him/her to vote for them. There’s $5,000 at stake, so you will find yourself with a bunch of fawning filmmaker friends.

And remember, it’s one ticket, one person, one vote. So make it count!…/memphis-film-prize-2021…

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