SB 30 Episode 48: Final Commencement, Lasting Legacy and Loss of Memphis College of Art

“The presence of the Memphis College of Art just permeates the Memphis community now. And if you think of the concept of impermanence, that nothing can last forever, I’ve thought a lot about that. But it feels disingenuous to say that anything other than. . . this is a very tragic loss for the community.”

That’s MCA President Laura Hine, speaking to StoryBoard 30 host Mark Fleischer and her colleagues Marilyn Koester and Olivia Wall, about the importance of acknowledging the loss due to the closing of Memphis College of Art. “We always try to end on this positive note,” she said, “but I think it’s a loss that will not only be felt now, but will be felt forever, really. It’s a permanent loss, and I do think the visual arts and arts community is going to be much less rich after we’re gone.”

Join host Mark Fleischer for this very special 40-minute edition of StoryBoard 30, recording May 7th, just 48 hours before the final MCA Commencement ceremony, which will be held virtually for the first, and only time Saturday May 9th (details are below). This is a Must-Listen. Please join us.

Viewing Commencement

Although we are sorry not to be able to host an in-person Commencement ceremony this year, we are looking forward to sharing our digital Commencement ceremony with all of you. It is an exciting project, spearheaded by the talented Professor Eric Huber, and celebrates our graduates and our community. Below are the ways to view the digital ceremony this Saturday. We hope that you will join us.

Saturday, May 9 at 10am – Viewing Options
1. Visit our Facebook page and the ceremony will premiere at 10am.
2. Visit this YouTube channel and the ceremony will premiere at 10am.

Both Facebook and YouTube allow for comments and responses during the viewing. If you are unable to watch the ceremony at the premiere time, it will be available on both platforms after the premiere for future viewing.

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