Registration continues for this year’s ‘virtual’ Neighborhood Summit, May 1st

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The Neighborhood Preservation Summit is a semiannual event (every 18 months) hosted by the Blight Elimination Steering Team (BEST) to bring community members together to explore our progress and the future of Memphis neighborhoods. This event features workshops surrounding the work done by each committee of BEST and how this work is applicable to the greater Memphis community. This event offers an opportunity to hear from city and county officials about their aspirations for the Memphis community, as well as a keynote speaker with an interesting perspective on the issue of neglected property.

For those interested in revitalizing and empowering Memphis neighborhoods, there is a virtual seat for you at this year’s Neighborhood Preservation Summit. Join us on May 1 for a virtual Summit! 

Register for each webinar by following the links below. You will need an email address to register for each session and internet access to view the webinars on May 1. If you have any questions or difficulties please contact us at


You may attend any one, multiple or all event sessions below. For each session, please RSVP for the events of your choice with your email address. We will send you a reminder when the event is about to start.

Code Processes at Work: 5 Stories from the Front Lines

9:00-10:30 AM

Presented by the Code Enforcement Committee of the Blight Elimination Steering Team. The details of how code enforcement processes work can be tricky. This presentation will follow 5 stories from various aspects of code enforcement through the different divisions that investigate and prosecute code violations. Presenters will describe the ordinances and statutes at work, the violation itself, how it was brought to code enforcement, how it was addressed and where the property is now. Click here to register>>

Outside the Cart: Waste Collection Problem Solving

10:45 AM – 12:15 PM

Representatives from the Memphis Division of Solid Waste will present “Outside the Cart” a guide to dealing with bulky item disposal and how to prevent litter and dumping from creating visual blight in your neighborhood. They will also discuss the current communication channels for sharing waste removal information with citizens and provide a walk through of how to use the MEM Curbside app. Click here to register>>

Data Tools & How to Use Them

1:00-2:30 PM

A training and overview of various data collection and analytic programs in Memphis focusing on property blight and site activation. Innovate Memphis will offer a overview and brief tutorial on the new Memphis Property Hub, now hosted on the Land Grid platform. Memphis Habitat for Humanity will describe how they use data, property blight assessments, and economic impact analyses to complement their everyday work. Finally Knowledge Quest will share the process and outcomes of their 2018 Design Studio Survey and how they use data in their community focused work. Click here to register>>

The Top 20: The Citizen Advocacy Approach to the Worst Vacant and Abandoned Apartment Complexes in Memphis

2:45-4:15 PM

Over the past year, the Reclaim and Reuse of Vacant Properties Committee has been working to address the Top 20 Blighted Multifamily Apartment complexes in Memphis. This presentation will outline the challenges that these properties present, the complicated path for resolution and how each individual property has its own unique set of circumstances. Also highlighted will be outcomes for 3 of the properties as well as the specific approach needed for each. Click here to register>>

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  1. I’m old enough to remember “Clean Up, Pick Up, Fix Up Week”, sponsored by the City of Memphis in the 1950s. It fostered a feeling of pride to a number of kids in the then city school system. We citizens of Memphis might consider reviving that yearly community program. Create incentives ( gift cards from merchants and neighborhood associations, City awards presented by the Mayor to schools, teachers, and students for their efforts. Make this week-long project a lesson in community-building.

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