Levitt Shell: A Message from Natalie Wilson

In light of everything that has transpired due to the Coronavirus, its our responsibility to hit the pause button on all things Levitt Shell as we know it. You already know that we had to cancel our Shell Yeah! concert with Wilco, and our popular 5 Fridays of Jazz series in partnership with the Memphis Public Library. In the interest of community health, we are making the sensible choice to go dark until further notice. 

But don’t fret, we are still here for you! 

Yes, we as a historic space are closed indefinitely, but we working tirelessly to bring you valuable content and engagement. 

We are a family at the Shell – from production to programming, marketing to community engagement, we are shuttered, for now, but we will be back in full force. And do we have some things in store for you and your family in the meantime.

Shell @ Home (virtual engagement)  – The good news about being a historic music venue is that we have content –  from archival shows to the ability to stream music from current musicians living and breathing this new normal, we have you covered! We are also open to your ideas. 

As a nonprofit that depends on the generosity of individuals, sponsors and corporate gifts, WE need your support! If the Shell could withstand the Great Depression, we can withstand this pandemic too! 

How you can help… 

We have set a goal of $140,000 and we estimate that if 2,800 people (the average number of people on the lawn for a given Shell concert) give $50 or more, we can hit that goal. Won’t you help us? If $50 is too much please consider donating in anyway you can. Some people are donating $10 per show they would likely attend during the spring season. 

Together, we can hit the play button again for the Levitt Shell. In the meantime, join us this Friday for the kickoff of our Orion Virtual Concert Series at the Levitt Shell kickoff featuring Devon Gilfillian via our Facebook page

Sincerely, Natalie Wilson, Levitt Shell 

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