ArtsMemphis Launches Artist Emergency Fund

We are pleased to share that ArtsMemphis has been designated a beneficiary of $25,000 from the Mid-South COVID-19 Regional Response Fund by the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis. This is an honor that we do not take lightly, particularly as we navigate this unprecedented period.

Our staff, who has worked virtually around the clock to remain a resource to our arts community in this time of extreme need, has quickly compounded $25,000 into $50,000 thanks to a matching gift from the Assisi Foundation.

We will immediately redirect these funds to provide flexible funding to individual artists who are most impacted by novel coronavirus and the economic consequences of the pandemic in our region.

Today, we are proud to launch our Artist Emergency Fund.

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ArtsMemphis will allocate a total of $50,000 to support recovery from lost income due to cancelled events, job layoff, or furlough. We are now accepting applications from self-employed artists of all arts disciplines as well as artists employed/contracted by nonprofit arts and culture organizations in Shelby County.

Your gifts and support allow us to carry this invaluable responsibility to direct and grant funds to artists, whose creativity and passion continue to weave the fabric of our culture.

Your response to our virtual event spotlights last week was well-received, and now you can find a landing page of live arts events updates to connect and create from home!

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Our unwavering commitment to the arts would not be possible without your support. Help us retain ArtsMemphis’ position as a primary resource to our growing, thriving arts community.


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