COVID-19: Mayor issues reminder that 80% of local cases are in individuals under 60

Today’s Statement from Mayor Jim Strickland:

One initial common misconception with this virus has been that it only affects people over 60 years old. 

By the numbers—that’s simply not true, especially in Shelby County. The Health Department puts out a graph in their daily update, and I include it each day in here. 

Today, I want to call special attention to the numbers in that graph. 

Shelby County confirmed cases:

  • 11-20-year-olds= 4.7%
  • 21-30-year-olds= 22.7% 
  • 31-40-year-olds= 19.1%
  • 41-50-year-olds= 16%
  • 51-60-year-olds= 17.4 %

Grand Total= 79.9% of COVID-19 cases in Shelby County have been in people 60 or younger.

We’ve limited access to parks, shut down bars, reduced restaurants to take-out and delivery only, and required many other businesses to temporarily close their doors. We are doing everything we can to slow the spread, but we cannot do it without the public taking this seriously.

The virus doesn’t care if you’re younger or older. It doesn’t care if your black or white, and it doesn’t care how much money you have.  The virus does not discriminate.

Read today’s complete update here for March 31, 2020.

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