Kindred Place Receives $35,000 from 2021 Germantown Charity Horse Show

Germantown Charity Horse Show has sponsored Kindred Place as its charity since 1999

MEMPHIS, Tennessee, September 2, 2021 – Kindred Place, a counseling center focused on family dynamics and child development, today announced it received $35,000 from the Germantown Charity Horse Show, one of the largest all-breed horse shows in the country.

“We are grateful for the continued generosity of the Germantown Charity Horse Show and its sponsors, spectators, exhibitors and volunteers,” said Jennifer Balink, executive director of Kindred Place. “It is the unwavering dedication of our benefactors that empower our therapists and ensure our programs bring healing services to families across the Mid-South.”

The Germantown Charity Horse Show has sponsored Kindred Place as its charity since 1999. Since that time, more than $750,000 has been raised to support the organization and its mission to improve family functioning. While the event was canceled in 2020, the Germantown Charity Horse Show still honored its commitment to the organization with a sizable donation.

Kindred Place, which was selected in February to carry forward the Universal Parenting Place work, is currently reorienting its existing programs to fit within an expanded vision for the Universal Parenting Place concept. Offerings will include direct service to parents, children and families, as well as training and outreach for community partners.

“We have had the privilege of having Kindred Place as our official charity for 22 years,” said Ross Herrin, president of the Germantown Charity Horse Show and board member at Kindred Place. “A happy and healthy family life is everyone’s goal, and sometimes we all need help to get there – now more than ever. This is why the transformative work of Kindred Place is so close to our hearts, and we are proud to support the work they do for Memphis families.”

About Kindred Place

For nearly 40 years, Kindred Place, a comprehensive family services destination, has provided child development, counseling and relationship support to families across the Memphis metro area. We help families navigate the challenges of parenting and partnerships to build stronger connections, improve communication, and resolve conflict peacefully. In spring 2021, Kindred Place was selected to carry forward the work of the Universal Parenting Places, designed for parents who want to safeguard their family’s emotional wellbeing by providing information and intervention at the earliest signs of concern.

More about accessing our services and supporting the work we do can be found at

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