COVID-19: High Ground presents a comprehensive Resource Guide for Memphis metro area

Compiled by Jim Coleman and Cole Bradley, for High Ground News

Times are uncertain and information is moving fast. We hope this resource guide as a way for Memphians to find local support if they need it and provide local support if they’re able.

The guide is divided into sections. Scroll to find the one you need:

  1. Reliable Sources for Information
  2. Important Contacts
  3. Local Information and Updates
  4. Social Distancing Requirements
  5. Ways to Give Locally
  6. Food and Pharmacy
  7. Housing and Utilities
  8. Mental Health
  9. For Workers
  10. For Businesses
  11. For Seniors
  12. For Parents
  13. Stay Healthy, Stay Busy 

Did we miss something? Need to update something? Please let us know. Message us on any social media platform or email

Access the full High Ground guide here>>

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