“The Road To We” Roundtable at the Pink Palace

Two generations ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. told us about the Mountaintop. He knew he wouldn’t get there with us. Question is, have we gotten there yet? Are we even close?

There’s a million long and winding roads to the promised land, and during our April 20 roundtable discussion, we hope to gauge where we stand in that journey.

In an event hosted by Win Sum Agency and Storyboard Memphis, in collaboration with the Pink Palace Museum’s Bicentennial exhibit, Making Memphis, we will take a hard look at where we are as a local culture based on Dr. Martin Luther King’s six areas of social change. 

Are we there? If not, what should we do to make certain we get there? We will also openly and candidly approach the topics of race, equity, and equality and discover ways to address these areas of concern to ensure a unified, forward progression of Memphis as we know it.

Our discussion will be led by panelists of diverse age, race, gender, ethnic, and ideological backgrounds, from organizations such Living Grace, Facing History and Ourselves, Playback Memphis, and Frayser Community Development Corporation. 

Together, they will provide integral context to our complicated past, unclear present, and uncertain future and provide insight on ways to move forward together and stay connected to Dr. King’s philosophy of creating lasting social change for all.

Learn more about Storyboard MemphisWin Sum Agency, and the Making Memphis exhibit.

This event is free and open to the public. Seating is limited. RSVP is strongly recommended.


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