SB 30 Episode 3: Addressing Blight, with NPI Partners Steve Barlow of NPI, Janet Boscarino of Clean Memphis

In Episode III, which originally aired on March 17, we invited into the studio NPI partners – Neighborhood Preservation Inc. president Steve Barlow and Clean Memphis co-founder Janet Boscarino – for a discussion around neighborhood blight and what we can do about it, and a new city-wide initiative called “Memphis Transformed.”

Tune in this upcoming Sunday March 24 at 6pm for our interview with Anasa Troutman, the new executive director of the Clayborn Temple.

NPI and Clean Memphis are the leading groups addressing our city’s issues of blight, in its many forms: empty houses; houses in disrepair; properties overrun with weeds; rental properties that are virtually unlivable.

The work of this group and its partners is not only one of the most important issues we face as a city, but it’s also perhaps the dirtiest. And this group handles the dirty work – from getting into literal weeds, to getting into the legal weeds of turning blighted properties into something the city can be proud of. Anyone who has ever said ‘They’ ought to do something about that house, or ‘They’ ought to do something with that empty store front, or “someone” should clean up that empty lot, can relate to the work these two organizations perform. 

Brought to you by the Memphis Public Libraries and FM 89.3 WYPL. Photos by Kelly King Howe.

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