SB 30 on Vimeo, Ep 44: Economic impact of COVID on the Arts, with Playhouse’s Michael Detroit

“…we know there are other not-for-profit organizations out there getting hit a lot worse than us. We want to make sure folks know the hardship that we are all going through, across all our sectors, in the arts.”

~Michael Detroit, Executive Produce of Playhouse on the Square

StoryBoard 30, now on Vimeo

Recorded March 24, 2020

Show Notes

The irony is not lost on us, that the first video version of StoryBoard 30 would be recorded when the coronavirus pandemic and shutdowns hit Memphis in earnest. This interview with Michael Detroit was conceived of first as a filmed, 2-camera video in an empty Playhouse, then as an audio-only show recorded from… we did not know where (the WYPL studios were going into shut-down), until finally becoming the show we recorded, in Zoom conferencing, from the comforts of home and office.

I hadn’t even heard of Zoom two weeks before we recorded this show. How quickly things change, and how quickly we adapt to a changing landscape.

Like those moments in the kitchen, staring at the freezer and the spice cabinet, What can we throw together for dinner? A little this, a little that. The show recording: Zoom. The graphics I put together here are crude: Adobe Photoshop. The outside, b-roll video was shot by me: iPhone 8-plus. The video editing itself: my Mac’s iMovie software. Editing room: my dining room table. Video download: Vimeo.

And so, here it is, the first video version of StoryBoard 30, in all its rough and pieced-together glory. At least it’s not in super-8.

~Mark Fleischer, March 27, 2020

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