Arrow Keeps Memphis Creative

Organization Creates Classes for Youth to Foster the Memphis Creative Community

Arrow Creative, a local non-profit, is a premier source of creative entrepreneur enrichment, arts education, and art immersion for the entire Memphis community. Positive momentum of Arrow underscores its commitment to providing resources that will sharpen and guide the Memphis creative community for generations to come. While some activities have moved online for the organization, they have also been able to successfully host socially distanced events for the community.

Arrow is a resource for creatives to explore their artistic skills, sharpen their entrepreneurial expertise, and exhibit work all under one roof.  Continuing positive momentum from Summer Camp classes, Arrow now offers morning and after school youth creative hours for students ages 7-13.  Weekly classes are held in a multitude of mediums. September’s Youth Creative Hour focused on illustration and visual storytelling, while October will focus on clay creations and water colors. Classes are held for 1 hour weekly and give students that chance to strengthen their art making skills.  Another added benefit of an hour long drop off class for kids? An hour of free time for parents. Arrow suggests parents shop on Broad Ave or stopy by City and State Coffee for an hour long work session. Jacklyn Scott, Arrow’s programs manager says “We’re in a unique position to offer classes during the day to both homeschooled students as well as virtual learners who aren’t receiving the art classes they usually would in school.  It’s a way for Memphis creative youth to strengthen their creative muscles.”

The organization offers learning opportunities for all levels, from youth arts camps to an entrepreneurship incubator. All of Arrow’s classes are taught by local creatives and provide additional sources of income. Each time someone registers for a class, they support an individual creative in Memphis. Teachers for the classes are Terri Scott, Lauren Spiotta Cannon and Amy Hartelust . Terri Scott, who also taught during Arrow’s Summer camp says, “Teaching illustration and comics gives [the kids] a lot of room to explore their own stories.  Watching the students flourish among like minded students has been really fun.”

Additional events coming up on the events calendar for Arrow:

  • Candle Making – September 25 – Adult creative class
  • Stone Pendants – September 26 – Adult creative class
  • Shelby Brown Gallery Show – October
  • Memphis Art and Design, Expo Hall powered by Arrow October 8-11
  • Chunky Chains Necklaces Workshop – October 24 – Adult creative class

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