‘American Idol meets Job Fair’ – The 2024 Unified Professional Theatre Auditions

Playhouse on the Square to host auditions in Memphis, TN this weekend, February 2-5, seeking actors, production personnel, and producers from across the country. 

Executive Producer and Audition Coordinator, Michael Detroit, describes it as “American Idol meets Job Fair.” 

Playhouse on the Square is always busy during the first weekend in February where the Unified Professional Theatre Auditions (UPTA) are held in Memphis, TN annually. Created by Playhouse on the Square’s Executive Producer, Michael Detroit, this year UPTA celebrates its 31st year of auditions. Hosting 80+ companies spanning the entire country from Alaska to Florida in search of new quality talent in Memphis. 800+ auditionees from all over the country are currently registered to audition before these companies with the hopes of landing potential future work opportunities on the stage. 

UPTA will consist a set of in-person and digital auditions and interviews organized for actors, production personnel, and producers. The idea is to offer the greatest number of quality talent an opportunity to be seen by quality professional theatre and production companies. The actors have 90 seconds on stage to audition for and impress the 80+ companies in attendance. 

UPTA arrives this weekend (image from the UPTA.org website; feature image from last year’s event FB page)

For actors and production personnel, the auditions will provide access to professional theatres, theme parks, touring companies, cruise lines, educational companies, and more! 

“It is always good to come to UPTA and feel like everyone involved from volunteers to other theatre reps just want things to go well. It is always a positive and supportive environment.” Marybeth Clark, Charleston Stage 

UPTA is the BEST COMBINED AUDITION in the United States! We’d love for your support in our attempt to attract and retain some of the best talent to Memphis, TN. While this convention is not open to the public, numerous volunteer opportunities are available during the event. If you would like to volunteer, you can sign up here: https://signup.com/go/NcmbGoN. 

UPTA is one of the largest conventions in Memphis and brings in nearly $1M in revenue for the city. 

For questions and inquiries, please contact Playhouse on the Square Executive Producer, Michael Detroit (901) 937-6464 or visit us online at www.upta.org. 

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